SRVNT - One Mic

One Mic - One Ummah, One Direction

One Mic
SRVNT Work in Progress: One Ummah - One Direction
When in Mecca, I caught a glimpse of the actual microphone that was used for the imam in prayer. Like Nas's song One Mic came to mind that inspired the elements in the design.

The beloved prophet Muhammad PBUH as the messenger is the ultimate communicator/ orator - the crown jewel of humanity, sent to us as the mercy to all mankind.

As Muhammad PBUH delivered the words of Allah through the Quran (he could not read nor write) - those who were captivated went through an audio experience, listening and seeing with their hearts that changed their lives forever.

The call of prayer alone - the Adhan is over 1400 years old, 5 times a day muslims worldwide pray directing their focus towards the Kaaba in prayer, towards Allah.

One Mic - One Ummah, One Direction - that was the message I was trying to deliver through the design.
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