KULCats - THe Beginning of An Era: Ride Je La

The Beginning of An Era - Ride Je La
Everyone - well the majority I'm sure, with the sense in mind of digging right deep into the box of memories in your head has definitely rode a bicycle at least once in their lives. It might of started off on a tricycle first, which then moved to riding with attached supporting wheels on either side, which later evolved to that first free-ride, that sense of liberation once you rode alone, unsupported - balanced, the minute your parent let go of the seat..letting you go...remember?

Well, the thrills of riding a bicycle may have eluded me all these years. Finding it again is like finding a pot of gold (understatement). The thrills are still the same, only better now.

To all the bicycle riders, be it MTB, BMX, Trail, Downhill Fixie or the ane' that washes the cars, it really doesn't matter what you ride. This is dedicated to you, to:

KULCats - The Beginning of An Era - Ride Je La
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